Tackle your hair in simple ways for Summers

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Summers would require something neater and when you have less on the face, it is my best way to keep mess and sweat away. Bid adieu to your long flicks and eye tinkling fringes, your forehead needs to breathe now as any hair on them makes it sweaty, you can opt for the bob fringes and pin them up too but nothing below the brow line. Braid those locks girls! It’s a high fashion statement, very chic and leaves so much to experiment with. Try the school girl style, the greek crown, messy braid, etc. there is so much you can try and braids are very sporty, settles all your hair and yes in summers everybody loves pulled back hair. The good thing about a nice pony is that it is the simplest, quickest and yet classy even on ramps. The good way to head office care free on bad hair days and it works for any length. Hide that rubber band with a thick strand of hair and its high end fashion. Who won’t love some air on the neck and back on hot sunny day. Ever wished for a grand air makeover? try this summer. Short hair, bob cut and sweet shoulder length are a hit as you really would cut short half the hair care routine and go frenzy this summer. A favourite among the A-listers, try some nice colour streaks and play with accessories to complete the whole makeover for you. Don’t shy away from going smart “short chops” as the temperature sores. The tight bun is a massive disguise for many ladies on days where you’re having not so good time, lazy to get them washed or cut or styling. In summers, a bun is a favourite among working women and for dinner parties when no styling is working good with your hair. Look super gorgeous with a neat bun, bright lip colour and high heels and nothing can get you less noticed.Go and try some of these as its simple, different and easy to all.

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