Tennis Fashions for Women

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Tennis is one of the coolest and popular sports on the planet. Women have been playing tennis over the last century and the tennis fashions have come a long way since women wearing blouses and long flowing skirts used to play the game. Today’s tennis fashions for women are edgy and totally stylish. Whether you play at your country club or you are a top leading international tennis star, wearing the right tennis fashion makes the game more enjoyable and fun. The following are some of the fashions that are totally in vogue in the year 2015: Tennis Fashions for Women – 2015: •    Black, white and grey are still very popular colors when it comes to the tennis dress. In events like Wimbledon, only white is allowed so the tennis stars and their designers have to be really creative when it comes to styling of the dress according to latest fashions. •    For the last couple of decades or more, the short tennis dress has become the norm for most women playing tennis. It is a comfortable style of clothing and is a great choice for tennis players. Fabrics like polyester and cotton are generally used to create a tennis dress. •    The normal A-line tennis dresses in colors like darker shades matched with brighter colors are really popular for tennis. Top colors include black, grey and white paired with a hint of colors like peach, yellow, green, pink, orange, blue or shades of red is a cool idea.  A major fashion at the moment is wearing a multi colored stylish tennis dress. •    Sometimes a slight see-through element to the dress also makes the dress look really pretty. Wearing a flared style skirt pattern for the dress also makes it look great. •    Many tennis players wear a sporty top and a mini skirt for a tennis match. This fashion is also really popular. There can be designs and styles for the sporty top and its sleeves and also the mini skirt can have different patterns and designs. •    Wearing shorts also makes sense while playing tennis. They are comfortable and wearing a t-shirt with shorts is a great idea for tennis. Shorts are in fashion in the summer months just like miniskirts and it is a great idea to try this smart type of fashion. Tennis fashions evolve almost every tennis season. There are four grand slam tournaments in the year and women’s tennis fashion evolve and new fashions become popular when every new grand slam tournament is played.

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