The Best Looks of Fall 2014

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When Fall starts there is a dramatic change in the weather and so there is also a dramatic change in the clothing preferences of fashionable women all over the world. Fall 2014 showcased some chic designs and looks that became very popular with women who follow the fashion the world over. The type of clothing changes and so does the patterns, fabrics, designs, colors and styles. Every year the Fall fashions evolve to what is in trend in that particular fashion season. This year also some super stylish fashions had become really popular this year. The following are some of the best looks of the Fall Fashion season in 2014:Best Looks of Fall Best Looks of Fall 2014: •    Different shades of grey, shades of beige and shades of light pastel pinks were totally in fashion throughout Fall 2014. Along with these colors, traditional Fall colors like black, brown and light purple are in Fashion in 2014. •    Darker shades of summer colors like red, yellow and blue are also totally trendy in Fall 2014. A major fashion is to take a darker shade of a summer color and use it in one piece of clothing in the outfit. Rest of the colors can be the traditional fall colors like grey, black or beige. White is said to be the surprise fashion of the season with fashionable women and celebrities endorsing white color clothing in the Fall/Winter fashions of 2014. •    With darker colored clothing and slightly demure and subdued fashion colors of Fall, a classic hot fashion is wearing a nice dark red lipstick. This is a great Fall 2014 fashion look that lifts the entire outfit. •    Gold, silver and metallic broad belts are totally fashionable this season, bringing with it the nostalgic fashions of the 1980’s. •    One of the perfect looks of the Fall of 2014 is the classic top, blue fitted jeans, smart knee length boots and a fitted jacket look. Accessorizing this with a nice bright colored scarf, great nails and some jewelry will make you look totally hot in the cold Fall season of 2014. •    Adding an element of glitter in the ensemble is also a great idea. Glitter shoes, shimmery nails or jewelry works well with the colors of Fall 2014. •    Bold and dark eye makeup or a light makeup with a bold lipstick like a nice color of red is a great idea. Fall 2014 has been a stylish season with great looks and fashions showcasing in the season.

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