The Braid is in Vogue this Spring/Summer

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Spring has finally arrived, thankfully. The weather might not be idealistic just yet, but hope has sprung, along with the spring 2014 hair trends. This spring/summer expect braid styles that build textures in your hair which are great for day and night. A braid is a pattern formed by intertwining strands of hair which is also called a plait. This trend followed by school girls is now popular with celebrities all over the world as well as fashion conscious women. There was no shortage of braided hair in 2013 and fans of the style will be pleased to hear this news that the trend is not going anywhere for Spring/Summer 2014. However, while simple plaited styles went back to basic on the catwalks last year, there’s a new type of braid to get to grips with. This year it is not neat or girly and the messier it looks, the better. Yes the new season’s style is disheveled. It is how your hair might look two days after you plaited it.Braid Styles Braid Patterns for 2014 A perfectly manicured crown braid paired with a fresh face looks pure romantic. A low fishtail braid is sporty and chic. Edge up your look in under a minute, by adding a single lose braid. The crown braid gets a modern and messy makeover with added texture you don’t need to smooth out. Another organized mess is in the form of a no-fuss side braid. Never been good at French braiding, try this look, the more disheveled the better. Another effortless low braid proves that often the simplest things are the choicest. If you are looking for a hairstyle that is sexy, sleek and totally exotic, braids are an answer to this style which creates a look with plenty of trend and dimension. Check out how celebrities rocked their braids and give them a try. At the Spring/Summer 2014 show, the braids were inspired to create the look and the braids were even messier in New York. At fashion shows, hair was braided into breezy crowns and French braids were far from flawless. This untidy style is definitely a little more casual friendly. They  are romantic, intricate and will never pass unnoticed, which is why braids have become a hairstyle of choice on the red carpet and are also perfect for your big day this season. It adds something delicate and angelic to a simple and modern wedding dress. To achieve the perfect braid, use the fingers to braid the hair and also hairspray.

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