The Crop Top – Major Spring Fashion

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The Crop Top is making a major comeback this year in fashion all over the world this Spring/Summer 2014. The Crop Top is a fabulous fashion that became extremely popular in the 1980s. The fashion was first introduced by the likes of Madonna in the 1980s which instantly became a hit all over the western world in the 1980s. A crop top is a top or t-shirt with its lower part cut off. The crop top is super trendy as it gives an opportunity to show off the midriff area. It is a perfect clothing style for the spring/summer when the temperatures are high and so is the sense of fashion in the air. Types of Crop Tops There are different types of Crop Tops that can be worn to look super stylish in the 2014 spring/summer fashion season. The following are some examples of Crop Tops: •    A great way to wear a crop top is with a matching mini skirt. Matching skirts and crop top blouses are very fashionable this season. In general crop tops look really pretty with skirts as they look very feminine and pretty yet chic together. •    Crop tops also look really good with jeans. Not just blue jeans but they look really nice with colored jeans as well. Crop tops can be worn with or without sleeves, both look good. The key is not to look over exposed but sophisticated when you wear a crop top. They also look really good with summer shorts. •    Bright crop tops with t-shit quotes on them are perfect for college parties and more peasant-style bohemian crop tops are more appropriate for a laid back brunch with friends and family. •    A major tip about wearing crop tops is about understanding your body type. Crop tops are not for everybody. If you have a paunch, then this fashion is not for you. It can look really ugly on people who do not have a flat stomach. •    This spring/summer prints like polka dots, floral designs and bright colors are very popular with women all over the world. Wearing crop tops with this trend is a great idea to look super chic in this fashion season. •    Crop tops are perfect for casual parties, summery days at the beach and also to semi-formal events and disco parties in the evenings. Crop tops are really cool way of dressing and a must have this fashion spring season.

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