The Decade Fashions that Inspire 2014 Trends

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Fashion evolves through time and if the fashion of the previous decades has to be analyzed then one will find that different type of styles and trends have dominated the fashion decades of the past. This is not to say that those fashions have completely landed on the back of the closets and stayed out of fashion. Old retro fashions of the previous decades keep reinventing themselves and have become fashionable in today’s times. In 2014 also there were fashions and styles from previous decades that got a modern 2014 makeover and became extremely popular with the fashionable women of 2014. The following are some of the fashions that became very trendy in 2014 which were inspired by the fashion decades of the past: Retro Decade Fashions that Inspire 2014 Trends •    The full skirt from the 1950’s for a skirt and blouse and also for a dress is very much in fashion. The full skirt paired with a plain shirt or a cute polka dot 1950’s inspired knee length full skirt dress is a fabulous idea if worn in a super chic way in 2014. •    The retro midi skirt with cute multicolored floral prints and designs is a very retro idea in fashion but its looks super chic in fashion if paired with a fitted long sleeves plain top. •    The retro fashions from each decade have become famous in 2014. This particularly includes the 1950’s, the 1960’s, the 80’s and the 90’s. Some fashions have been picked up from each decade and made popular in 2014 by giving them an edgy and modern makeover. •    The shift dress from the sixties retains its bright colors but the styles and designs have evolved in 2014. The bright colors of the 50’s and 60’s were very much in fashion in 2014. •    Turtle necks, checks trousers, full polka dot knee length skirts, horizontal stripes, Peter Pan and cute bows are all reminiscent of the past decades and these fashions have become extremely trendy today in 2014. •    For party wear retro style in 2014 nothing beats the stylish fashions of the 1920’s. These fashions like the flapper dress, the brilliant pearl necklaces and beautiful fascinators are all very popular for a retro theme party in 2014. •    In swimwear also the retro 1950’s style one piece and bikinis have all become popular in 2014. Fashion has evolved but it has also carried great styles with it through the decades. Reinventing classic styles from previous decades is a great idea in 2014.

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