The Latest Fashions in Prints & Patterns 2014

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Fashion is not just about styles and colors but also largely about the patterns and prints that make an outfit look amazing or really disastrous. Patterns and prints keep going in and out of fashion every year and sometimes even in every fashion season. If a print is in fashion you can see it used on pants, tops, skirts, dresses and even formal clothes during the period of time it remains in fashion. This year also there are some very specific patterns and prints that have become very popular and are seen on the runways as well as worn by Fashionista’s all over the world. The following are some of the top prints and patterns of 2014:Fashions in Prints & Patterns The Latest Fashions in Prints & Patterns 2014 •    Graphic prints are very much in fashion this year in clothing, accessories as well as in shoes. Black and white graphic prints are particularly in fashion however vibrant colors matched with white and black are also seen in graphic print designs. •    Another major fashion is geometrical designs. Wacky geometrical prints are totally fashionable at the moment. Generally these prints are multicolored with a black or a white background. These various angular shapes look really cool on some women in dresses as well as on tops and pants. •    Like almost every year floral prints and patterns made a huge statement in the spring/summer months of 2014. This year chic and edgy floral prints made floral prints look really fresh and appealing. Some places floral patterns were mixed with geometrical designs and the results were fantastic. •    This year leopard prints and polka dots are also very cool in fashion world. These work well with clothing items as well as accessories and shoes in 2014. •    Traditional prints, tribal prints and ethnic prints are very much in fashion in 2014. These prints have taken inspiration from various cultures globally and look edgy yet beautiful if worn well. Clothes with these prints are generally multicolored clothes and they can be worn as bohemian fashions as well as every day wear. •    Another print that is very fashionable and trendy in 2014 is horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes, especially in the black and white combination look stylish in 2014. This pattern can be worn in t-shirts, dresses, short and long skirts and even in nail art and shoes. The above mentioned prints and patterns have been frequently worn by celebrities and fashionable women all over the world as they are trendy in 2014.

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