This Year’s Top Eyewear Trends

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Whether your fashion style is classic, bohemian, rock and roll or geek chic there are plenty of perfect eyeglasses to style your face and complement your look. The New Year is a great time to update your most important fashion accessory for your eyes with stylish frames that will keep you on trend all year long. The general rule is that you should select glasses that are opposite of your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, don’t select round glasses. Pick something that is rectangular or geometric to provide balance.Eyewear Trend Texture Excite your senses with texture. Designers are getting creative this year with feminine, artisan cut-outs on glasses temples. Not only are these designs visually appealing at different angles, but you feel like you’re wearing a piece of art instead of just another pair of glasses. Make sure that the glasses provide adequate coverage under and around the eyes and sit properly on your nose without resting on the cheeks. Trends The Geek-Chic trend is evolving into New Geek for 2013. The New Geek glasses style boasts shapes in smaller designs and rich earth tones. Get some retro glamour into your wardrobe with Cateye glasses. This feminine, sexy shape has been around for a while, but with fashions current obsession with the ‘60s, it’s making a fierce comeback. It’s out with subdued solids and in with translucent colors as we look for fun new ways to spice up our eyewear collections. Color is a great way to express personal style and because the glasses are translucent, it won’t be overbearing. The big trends that are seen again are polarized lenses, as well as bright colors, transparency, mirror lenses, cat-eyes and glitter. People are increasingly looking to merge fashion with function. So the benefits of glare-reducing polarized lenses are now widely available in many fashion sunglass collections. Bright colored temple and frame fronts are also all the rage this season. Sunglasses this season are offered in a full spectrum of rainbow and colored shades. Touches of neon are also super hot and anything in emerald. Transparent effects either on the temples or full frames are as popular this season as glitter embellishments. Both trends are found all over the accessories wall from sunglasses, shoes, bags and clothing. Retro chic is also a big trend, especially with mirrored lenses and cat-eye frames thanks to new colorations, shapes, sizes and materials making them still feel very fresh and new.

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