This Year’s Top Hair Trends

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Like every other fashion trend Hairstyles also go in and out of fashion every season. This Fashion season there are a few hairstyles that have become very popular. They are constantly being influenced by the models as the judges at catwalks not only judge the designer clothes but also the hair and the makeup. These hairstyles are worn by fabulous celebrities and fashionistas who are in the know of how to wear their hair stylishly every season. The following are examples of some of the major hairstyles trends this season. Top Hairstyle Trends Creativity is always on full display. This year new ways of tying a low ponytail is introduced. Do not underestimate the power of simple sleek low ponytail. A super low slung sleek ponytail is a hot look for spring/summer 2013. Pretty braids were all over runway shows this season. Different types of braids were also seen which looked really stylish with all types of length of hair. A super neat side braid is a sure fire hair hit and a simple twisted braid is seen this season. Also a traditional milkmaid braid that is two braided pigtails crossed over the head is seen which looks very elegant. Another new style is tying a tight knot which is simple and looked chic on the runway. Different types of knots are seen according to the length of the hair and they looked amazing. There is no excuse for a bad hair day. Whatever the hair color, length, texture or cut there is always a latest hairstyle trend which will make you look and feel good. If you are blessed with long healthy locks, a simple center parted loose hair looks extremely chic which is seen sporting with some models. Hair Accessories Hair bands are a simple way to add flair to any outfit. You can go for a variety of fun Ponytail holders to go along with your hairstyle. Use a colorful holder in contrast to your hair color. Hair clips which are bolder hold your hair together to give a neat look. Bows are the ultimate hair feminine accessories and there are so many ways to wear them to make you look great. Scrunchies in matching colors with your outfit are back in trend. Scarf or headscarf also keeps hair in place and give a neat and tidy look. These hairstyle fashions are totally amazing this season. So next time you think of a new look makeover these hairstyles will help you look super fashionable this season.

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