Tips for Beautiful Skin in Winter

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When the days shorten and the temperature dips, your psyche and your skin may both rebel against the changes. Seasonal changes are normal and one way to boost your psyche is to pamper and nurture your skin back into its natural healthful, glowing state. Without a change in your skin care routine, skin tends to dry and flake in the winter, regardless of your skin type. Moisture in the air is scarce and even scarcer inside thanks to artificial heat. The cold wind beating against unprotected skin results in windburn, and you can get sunburn in the winter as well. Skin was not meant to withstand continual assault for three or more months each year. Tips for Skincare in Winter There are steps you can take to protect your skin. Cold weather can be extremely drying, due to indoor heat and outdoor wind chills, so just as you swap swimsuits for sweaters come winter, you need to switch up your skincare routine to fit the season. Sweeping toner on your face after you wash is useful. A toner pulls in moisture and balances pH levels. When you apply moisturizer on top, it locks in the hydration. The temperature extreme going from the cold to indoor heat, dry you out, causing redness, itching and flaking, especially for someone who has sensitive skin. Try a balm that lists water as its first ingredient; look for emollients ingredients that soften skin and help it retain moisture like glycerin or Shea butter. Do not forget a night cream during winter. It is essential because a richer formula improves the moisture level in your skin when you use it regularly. One of the season’s biggest beauty woes are chapped, cracked lips. However, you should resist the urge to scrape away the peeling bits. They’re part of live, delicate membrane, so exfoliating will only make it worse. Instead, prime your lips often with a petroleum jelly based. The thick layer forms a protective barrier against wintry challenges and seals in emollients. Though it may be tempting to indulge in a hot bath or shower on a cold day, very hot water will dehydrate your sensitive. Try to keep showers and baths brief and stick to luke warm temperatures. Also, keep indoor environments on the cool side because forced heat is known to irritate delicate skin. The sun may be less intense in the winter months but UV rays are still present. Always apply sun block before leaving the house.

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