Tips for Bridal Makeup in 2014

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There are many things to plan before a wedding. The theme, wedding location, bridal wear and food are just some of the important factors to keep in mind while planning a wedding. The bride has another important task at hand. The bridal makeup is an essential component of the overall look of the bride. Bridal makeup has to be planned well in advance and it has to be of the latest style. It should match the bridal dress and theme of the wedding. A ghastly bridal makeup could prove disastrous for the wedding as the bride has to look very beautiful on her wedding day. The following are some tips for bridal makeup in 2014: Tips for Bridal Makeup in 2014 •    Bridal makeup must look prominent but not ghastly. If possible hire a professional to do your hair and makeup and get a trial done beforehand so that you know exactly how you are going to look on your wedding day much before the wedding. •    If the bride has a very light makeup then it will fade away in some time and as a wedding event generally goes on for hours, there is a chance the bridal makeup may fade halfway through the event. •    The bridal makeup should make a statement but not eclipse the hairdo and the bridal gown. Also compliment the makeup with the hair and dress. For example if the bridal dress is lacy and feminine make sure the makeup is prominent yet soft and feminine. •    One of the most important rules in bridal makeup is that you do not make a statement with both your eye makeup and the makeup for your lips. Also for your eye makeup choose a color palate that goes well with white of the wedding dress and your natural coloring. •    The smoky eyes look with a nude or light pink lipstick shade and soft makeup on the rest of the face looks absolutely stunning. Avoid vibrant colors for the eye shadow shades in the smoky eye look and go for subtle color like grays, light pinks, hints of blues and browns. These colors go well with the bridal look. •    The other style is to make a statement with the lips and keep the rest of the makeup plain. For example brides can opt for a bold red lipstick which will make the entire bridal makeup look very beautiful. Bridal Makeup is an essential part of the bridal ensemble and as all eyes are on the bride, bridal makeup has to be perfect.

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