Tips to Choose the Perfect Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

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Nowadays women change their hair color very often and it sometimes looks really good but sometimes it looks really bad. There are many factors that go into deciding the perfect hair color that suit a skin tone. Hair color is an important aspect of the overall look and a disastrous hair color and style will look awful with any type of clothing or makeup styles. The following are some of the perfect hair colors depending on the type of skin tone that a woman has: Tips to Choose the Perfect Hair Color for Every Skin Tone Fair Skin Tone For a fair skin tone lighter hair colors tend to look really good. Various different shades of blonde like platinum blonde, light blonde and light brown are all perfect hair colors for this skin tone. Medium blonde and auburn also looks nice on fair skin. Also the types of eyebrows make a huge difference. Women with darker eyebrows will not look good with very light hair color. Also dark black hair may not suit women with extremely fair skin and light eyebrows. Dark hair with light highlights also work with this hairstyle. Olive skin With olive skin you can really experiment with your hair color.  For olive skin darker shades of blonde, brown and even black hair color looks good. For people with this type of skin tone, a great idea is to have a darker hair color with lighter hair color highlights. These highlights look good with short as well as long hairstyles. Generally various shades of brunette hair colors work well with this kind of skin tone. Dark Skin Very light blonde hair sometimes does not suit this type of skin tone. Also generally this skin tone is accompanied with natural dark hair. So if the blonde look is adopted what happens is that new hair that grows from the roots of the hair is dark black and does not look good with the rest of the blonde hair and has to be retouched almost every week which can be a hassle. If you want a hair color that does not match the skin tone then a great idea is to keep a hair color that matches the skin tone and also add highlights of the hair color that you want. Different hair colors keep going in and out of fashion however choosing a hair color that suits the skin tone works well.

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