Tips to Make Makeup Last for Hours

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Women love makeup. It helps them look vibrant and hides blemishes and spots on the skin. Makeup makes them look beautiful and elegant at the same time. Most women wear at least basic makeup before stepping out of the house. However many times they are at a party or event for hours and after a while the makeup begins to fade. By the end of the event which can be after hours, there is hardly any makeup left. This is a huge problem faced by many women. How to make the makeup last so that it stays intact for a long time is a major makeup problem. The following are some of the tips to help makeup last longer than it usually does: Tips to Make Makeup Last for Hours •    Using a primer helps to give even coverage and helps the makeup last longer. Different types of primers are available today. Foundation primer, eyelid primer, mascara primer and lip primer help to make the makeup last longer. •    Priming the skin on the face helps the makeup last so apply the primer especially on oily areas of the skin like the forehead, nose and chin. Primer is usually put before the concealer and foundation and after washing the face before starting the makeup. •    One of the most essential aspects of makeup is wearing the right brands of makeup. Top brands are better than others because they are less harmful to the skin and also last longer. •    If you want makeup to last for hours a great idea is to buy makeup especially made for long lasting coverage. Water resistant, water proof and long lasting makeup is easily available with top brands. For example water resistant or waterproof eyeliner will stay in place and not smudge as compared to other types of eye liner. •    If the skin is too oily then there is a chance that the makeup will slide of the skin after a while. Use face wash or products that reduce the oiliness of the skin on the face. •    Put bold makeup so that by the time you reach the party it doesn’t look very faded and looks intact for a longer period of time. Another important tip is to carry basic makeup like lipstick and a compact with you when you have to make the makeup last longer. Just head to the ladies room and quickly retouch the makeup for it to last longer as makeup is an important part of the ensemble.

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