Tips to Plan an Elegant Summer Wedding

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Summer is a great season to plan the event as the weather is mild and you get a lot of options to choose from in terms of locations and themes for the wedding. Color plays an important role in a summer wedding as bright colors look really beautiful in the summer setting. Summer weddings need not be just parties at the beach or some tacky picnic in the garden with junk food type wedding. June, a summer month is probably one of the most popular times to have a wedding. They can be elegant and fun at the same time. Summer is a fabulous time to plan an event and the following are tips to plan an elegant summer wedding: Tips to Plan an Elegant Summer Wedding •    Colors are very elegant in a summer wedding. Sometimes we feel that adding too much color can make an event look tacky or over the top. But if you be careful about color combinations using 2-3 colors at the wedding is a great idea. Shades of pink, purple, coral, blue, orange and yellow look really pretty at a wedding. •    Also green leafy designs in décor as well as in flower arrangements look particularly beautiful. Decide a color palette for the wedding and stick to it if the wedding has to look beautiful and elegant. •    Add shine, shimmer and glitter to the wedding. Put glittery embellishments on the white bridal dress, wear glittery gold or silver high heels and wear jewelry that is noticeable but not over the top. •    Chaos ruins a wedding and even if there are elegant elements in the wedding it does not work with chaos. Make sure that the wedding is planned to the last detail or else there will be confusion at the wedding. For example, the seating arrangement, the timetable and the music has to be properly arranged and planned well before hand. •    A sit-down dinner with planned seating arrangement is always more elegant than a buffet. Also the food and courses that you serve should be well planned keeping in mind the dietary requirements of the wedding guests. •    An elegant wedding invitation with a fun and colorful design is perfect for the summer. For an elegant wedding, the wedding party should generally wear formal clothes. Summer is a great time to have a wedding whether it is an indoor wedding or an outdoor one. The weather is mostly better than other seasons and there is a certain fun element to the wedding in the summer.

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