Tips to Wear Layered Winter Clothing without looking Bulky

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Layered Winter ClothingCold winter months have their own charm and it is always fun to go out shopping for winter clothes. In the cold winter months, one of the essential characteristic of fashionable winter clothing are layers of clothing. You need clothing that will gel well with the winter fashion, look stylish and also clothing that will keep you warm. For this reason wearing multiple layers of clothing is fashionable in winter and also a necessity especially in areas where it can get cold. The problem with layered clothing is that if it is not worn properly it can make you look bulky, unappealing and sometimes even obese. The following are some tips to wear layered winter clothing without looking Bulky: Tips to Wear Layered Winter Clothing Without Looking Bulky: •    Wear clothes that are slim fit instead of wearing clothes with thick material that are bulky. So even if there are 3 or 4 layers of clothing, the slim fit clothes will not look overly bulky as they will fit the body perfectly and not make the wearer look bulky or obese. •    Oversized outfits that look really cute in summer and spring seasons tend to look obese and bulky in winter. So the key is to avoid oversized clothing when you wear layers. Frills and flowy dresses that look really good in summer tend to add on the bulky effect if they are worn wrongly in layered clothing. •    A major accessory that works with winter clothing is belts. In winter you see women wearing different types of belts like broad, slim and matching, with almost everything they wear. There is a purpose behind this trend. Wearing a belt around the waist defines your waist and makes the layered outfit look less bulky than it would without the belt. •    There is no fixed rule about the colors that one should wear during the winter months with layered clothes. However most women do not wear very bright and sunny colors in winter. You can look slimmer if you wear slim fit jeans that are of darker colors like dark blue and black. Dark colors worn properly can make you look less bulky. •    Wear figure hugging clothes like fitted long skirts or fitted miniskirts with nice dark stockings and boots. Then add a fabulous layer of a stylish fitted over coat or jacket over your top to finish the outfit. These types of outfits make women look smart and less bulky.

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