Top Bridesmaid Dress Styles in 2015

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A wedding has a bride, a groom and the wedding party. Bridesmaids play an essential role in the wedding party. It is very important that they wear bridesmaid dresses that work well with the overall theme of the wedding. Most often the bride takes them shopping for bridesmaid dresses and it is important that the bride has the final say in the selection of bridesmaid dresses keeping in mind the inputs given to her by the bridesmaid. What the bride has to keep in mind is that the bridesmaid dresses should be truly fabulous but the dresses should not be more fabulous than the bridal gown as the bride has to be the center of attention at the wedding. The following are some bridesmaid styles that have become popular in 2015: Top Bridesmaid Dress Styles in 2015 •    Most often than not,allbridesmaids wear the same colored dresses. Sometimes these dresses are of different shades of the same color or sometimes exact same color and fabric style is used for the bridesmaid dresses. •    In 2015, the top choices for bridesmaid outfits include shades of pink, green, ivory, purple, yellow, red, grey and blue. The colors should work well with the theme of the wedding and must complement the wedding gown. Pastel colors are more in demand than darker colors in 2015 for bridesmaid dresses. Out of all the colors mentioned light pink is the most common choice for bridesmaid dresses. •    Mostly bridesmaid dresses are long gown style dresses, though some brides do opt for short dresses for their bridesmaids. In long gowns, Grecian style dresses are probably the preferred ones as they are simple yet elegant and are a perfect choice for bridesmaid dresses. •    A great idea is to have the same overall color and fabric of the bridesmaid dress and then have different patterns for each dress so that they do not look too matched with each other. For example one dress can have an asymmetrical neckline while another can have a princess cut neckline. •    A little bit of drama and lacey details for the bridesmaid dresses are a great idea but at the same time are not too loud. •    If bridesmaids are wearing different colors then a good idea is that they wear similar pattern and designs in different colors. Make sure the colors complement each other and also work well with the bridal dress. Picking out the right bridesmaid dresses is very important and should be done weeks in advance to the big day.

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