Top Color Choices and Trends in Clothes this Season

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The summer season is a great time for fashion. There is a lot of experimentation one can do with fashion in summer as there are great opportunities to head out and enjoy the beautiful season. Fashion becomes vibrant in the summer months and whether it is a day at the beach, a lovely brunch with friends or a great evening out, fashion in summer is edgy, glamorous and full of color. Like every summer, this fashion season also has its fair share of colors and trends that have become very popular this year. The following are some of the major trends in fashion and colors used in fashion in clothes this season: Top Color Choices and Trends in Clothes this Season: •    When it comes to colors, warm tones and bright candy colors like pinks, yellows, greens and oranges are very much in fashion this year. It is all about wearing bright outfits and making a bold fashion statement. •    Florescent shades of colors are particularly fashionable this season. Colors like Teal, Bubblegum Pink, Fuchsia and Coral are particularly popular this year. •    Whether it is bright colors or pastel hues, it is all about wearing different colors appropriately this year in fashion. Dull dark colors are not very fashionable as they are more suitable for the Autumn/Winter fashion seasons rather than fun and colorful season of the summer. •    Blue is the perfect color for jeans in this summer. Amazing faded blue jeans or shorts go very well with summer fashions. Even a blue jeans jacket is a perfect choice for the summer of 2014. Fitted jackets are perfect summer fashion and are seen as a must have this summer. •    Peasant tops in pastel colors also have an effortless charm to them. Besides colors like whites and beiges are very much summer colors and looks really good with clothes like pants and designer blouses. •    Lace is a great fabric for the summer and lacy dresses particularly look good in pastel colors. Cotton pants in summer colors like white and light shades of different colors are popular. Gold is very popular with belts and jewelry this summer. •    Pastel hues was seen all over the summer runways with their own charm as pastels have held their own well and are still very popular with women and girls of all ages. The above mentioned color choices are great for the summer season and look glamorous if worn well.

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