Top Colors that will Look Amazing in Fall 2014

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Summer is officially over and this means that there is a completely new fashion season that is full on new excitement and styles. Fall is a great fashion season as there is a complete change in the fashions and you get a chance to completely redo your wardrobe and style. It’s a chance to buy new clothes and experiment with the trends of a new season. When summer is over a dramatic shift in fashion trends is the colors that are worn by fashionable women. Every year there are some colors which become really popular in the Fall and are worn by celebrities and fashionable women all over the world. The following are some of the top colors that are very much in fashion in Fall 2014: Top Colors that will Look Amazing in Fall 2014 •    Black, white and various shades of gray are classic and elegant colors of the fall. These colors look very stylish and go well with the environment of fall.  These three colors are often worn with each other as they complement each other’s style statements perfectly. Black and white is a nice combination in Fall 2014. •    Fall often showcases darker shades of different colors. So for example in the summer if bright and light shades of a color are popular, in the Fall the darker versions of those same colors are likely to be in demand. •    Darker shades of yellow, orange, pink, red and purple are seen in the Fall of 2014. This means that the vibrant colors of summer are reinventing themselves for the Fall. Wearing darker shades of the colors that were popular in the summer shows you are ready to move on in fashion and remain trendy at the same time. •    Fall fashions are like a bridge between summer and winter fashions. So there is definitely color in fall fashions but it is much more muted as compared to summer and more vibrant than winter fashions. •    Candy colors were very popular earlier this year and in Fall the darker versions of these candy colors will look perfect. Matching these colors with black, brown and grey are great color choices of the fall. Fall 2014 is full of color even if it is the darker shades of different colors. Do not wear too many colors together in one ensemble this Fall as it will not look that good. The above mentioned colors will work well this fall if styled properly with the latest fashions.

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