Top Couture Fashions of the Season

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Fashion is an evolving industry and every new fashion season there are new styles and fashions that hit the runways. Top designers from all over the world shape the fashion of the season and their couture designs are often an instant hit with the fashionable women from all over the world. Nothing is more trendy and cool than wearing couture gowns just off the runway made by fabulous world class designers. Celebrities and elite women from all over the world wear these gowns and dresses for major events or even for a regular party or a dinner with friends. Haute Couture fashions keep changing from season to season and has elite designers create new fashions with their fabulous spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. This fashion season also there are some major haute couture trends that are very popular with elite fashionable women from all over the world. The following are some of the couture fashions of the season: Top Couture Fashion of the Season: •    There is a lot of color in the haute couture gowns this fashion season. Gold and silver are making a huge fashion statement this summer. Couture gowns and dresses with these colors by top designers are very popular this fashion season. •    Women are wearing bold colors on the runway and on the red carpet made by top designers. Red, yellow, shades of green, blue, pink, purple, coral, black, white, grey, gold and silver are the leading choices for gowns as well as casual wear and dresses this season. •    This year top fashion designers are using a lot of shimmer, glitter and shiny embellishments for their designs. This is definitely a major trend this season and even if one cannot afford highly priced exclusive designer labels, this fashion can be followed with off the rack clothing as well. •    Mermaid style gowns, gowns with full skirts, colorful flowing summery dresses and even geometrical patterns are popular and have been seen at major runway shows by top international designers. •    There is also a slight emphasis on a classic retro look to some of the designs that have hit the runway this season. The 50’s and 60’s style knee length dresses are very much popular this season. •    Another really cool style that many top designers have used this season is a cape like design on the backside of the dress. This has been worn by top celebrities that have made a major fashion statement with this kind of innovative new style.

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