Top Fashion & Beauty Apps in 2014

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The fashion and beauty industry is fast moving and apps are a good way to keep tracks of development. Today a large population around the world is using smartphones as they are easily available and have reached even rural areas all over the world. Smartphones have millions of apps that can be easily downloaded either free or for a stipulated price. There are many fabulous beauty and fashion apps that are very popular with women all over the world today. The following are some of the top fashion and beauty apps in 2014: Top Fashion and Beauty Apps 2014 Cloth: Cloth app is a great app that helps you digitize your entire wardrobe. You can take pics of your clothes and outfits in your wardrobe and then categorize them into various categories like every day wear, work clothes, favorites and many such sections. Pose: Pose is a great app that can be used to determine the outfit to wear on a given day on the basis of fashion and the weather in that area. It provides photos and options to the users to help them make the perfect choice. You can also share photos with friends of your favorite outfits on Pose. StyleBook: Another digital closet app that is very popular is StyleBook. It keeps a count of the clothes in your closet, gives your information on “least worn” outfits, “most worn” outfits and keeps a “worn history log” of the outfits that have been worn by you. This helps women avoid repeats and use different clothing wear according to the event. Picture365 Picture 365 is a very popular makeover app that allows the users to have a virtual makeover using their photos without the need of Photoshop. Beautylish This app is really popular with millions of downloads already. Beautylish helps you shop for products, you can go through different hair, beauty, fashion and makeup photos. There are also tutorials, articles and videos about beauty and the latest trends in the fashion world. Besides these apps both Android and IOS smartphones have a large choice of makeup, makeover, fashion and beauty apps. Today it is very easy to digitalize your closet or get a virtual makeover online. In the times that we live in being fashionable and chic is not just something that only a few people aspire to be. To look confident, smart and with the times today, it is important that we look stylish with the help of these apps.

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