Top fashion moves a man should never make

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Follow These Steps To Prevent From Repeating Such Fashion Moves: Fashion is not only meant for women, men are well conscious about fashion these days. Most of the men don’t have a proper fashion sense and make disasters fashion moves. It shouldn’t be forgotten that this is 21st century and along with the women the men should grow some fashion sense. If they lack fashion sense they will become backdated. The common fashion disasters that men are described below, and it is expected that they won’t make this mistake in future, enrich their fashion sense from these below said faults. The wrong fashion moves are as follows: • First move is very popular in the youths. Wearing a sleeveless shirt and tie that hampers the fashion of the man. This wrong fashion move is taken mainly by the fast food storekeeper. These help them to work smoothly but this is out of fashion. • Second move is bit uncommon but men make this mistake also. Wearing suspenders and belt together is out fashion because both of them severe the same purpose. • Third move is wearing denim jackets, these jackets were wore by the men in 1970’s and some men follow this trend now also. It is not in 21st century. • Fourthly geek wears are the faulty move that spoils a man’s dress sense. Geek wears are dress code of teenagers. • Fifthly some people ofte mismatch and wear shoes with their dress that makes them out the trend. • Lastly wearing wrong socks is very much common in the crowd. Today also man lack a proper taste of fashion sense and these above mentioned fashions disasters will surely help them to prevent from these fashion faults. Starting from trousers to coat everything has change its fashion in materialistic way. But if we see, mostly there are men fashion designer than women designers today. Fashion is all the branded designers set in this world. Fashion doesn’t only cover shirts or trousers its covers all the accessories that a man wear with the dress, the wrist watch, tie, watch, belt, shoes and coat. Formal wears and casual wears both are in the trend always. Along with dress one should also be enough presentable to the society. Another point that is with the body posture one should select their dress code. If one keeps in mind all the above said and mentioned points then one will definitely get to avoid the fashion disaster and look more trendy.

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