Top Fashion Resolutions for 2015

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Fashion is an ever evolving and super exciting part of a woman’s life. Trends in fashion keep changing according to seasons, weather, events, and latest styles by top designers and also by technology in fashion. What looked hot two years ago maybe completely outdated in 2015 and sometimes fashions of previous decades may be in style at the moment. To be fashionable is an art but one can follow certain resolutions in fashion at the start of every year to remain chic during the year. The following are some of the key fashion tips to keep in mind for 2015: Key Fashion Tips for 2015 •    A key fact to remember about fashion is that it keeps changing every fashion season. Which means winter fashions will be different from spring/summer and then later in the year fall fashions will also be different. Wearing the same type of clothes for the entire year is not an option for being fashionable this year. •    More natural looking makeup is popular this year. Another popular makeup trend in 2015 is defined eye brows. Well defined thick eyebrows are in fashion in 2015. Cat eyes are trendy this year and also berry lips. Keeping the entire face makeup natural and adding a dark red lipstick is a great trend seen this year. •    Currently darker shades are in fashion like blue, black, grey and brown. A great way to stay in style is gently change the color palette of your clothes as the year proceeds from one fashion season to another. •    Try to wear clothes that are flattering to the figure. There are some ways in which you can wear clothes that make you appear to be thinner than you are if you want to show off your slim body. Also being too slim and unfit is not trendy at all. •    Shoes are very much a part of fashion. Making a resolution to spend thoughtfully on shoes is a good idea. You do not need ten shoes that look similar to each other. See what is in fashion and then buy only a few pairs of shoes that cover a wide range of fashions suitable for any occasion. •    For 2015, one pair of ankle boots, one stylish pair of knee high boots, one pair of black stilettos, one pair of nude pumps and one stylish pair of heels with multiple colors and a cool design are ideal for the closet. 2015 is set to be a stylish year and above tips will help you to be fashionable.

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