Top Likely Fashion Trends for 2015

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2015 is all set to become an exciting year in fashion. Stylish trends suggest that it is going to be a fun and chic year with some strong trends in styles and prints. Nowadays fashion evolves often and uses different trends from the past to create a modern and edgy version of retro trends. Also one year can have completely new trends as well as various trends upgraded from the previous decades. The following are some of the trends in fashion in 2015 that are likely to be super hit with the people following fashion the world over: Top Likely Fashion Trends for 2015 •    The crop top is very much in fashion in 2015 as it was in the previous year. However the crop has got an upgrade in 2015. It is likely to be popular in semi-formal and formal wear, not just in casual wear trend of a crop top with a skirt or pant. A crop top with a full skirt or a crop top pattern ball gown is likely to be trendy in 2015. •    Horizontal stripes were very much in fashion in 2014. In 2015 this fashion is likely to evolve and checks pattern is more likely to become popular in 2015. Like horizontal stripes pattern, black and white are the ideal colors for the checks pattern but colors like darker blues and greens in winter and then more vibrant colors in spring/summer are likely to be seen in this pattern. •    In 2015, an interesting trend is to mix dark colors with vibrant multi-colored bright prints. For example a dress with a dark black background with a floral print with colors like pink, white and orange are in fashion. This is a style that combines casual patterns with a chic style of clothing and is likely to be popular in 2015. •    Another major fashion that is likely in 2015 is the fifties style full skirt that ends just below the knees. It works well with a formal shirt as well as a girlie blouse. The shift dress from the sixties has seen a transformation and is likely to be trendy in a 2015 modern look. •    The lace effect in dresses, skirts and gowns is a trend that may continue in the year. Lace is a classic fashion in wedding dresses but subtle lace fashion will most probably be a hit in party wear and casual wear in various colors and designs this year.

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