Top Makeup Trends for the New Season

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Whether it is a casual outing, a party or going to the office, makeup plays an important role when a woman gets ready to go out. Makeup helps some women become more confident as it enhances the features to make the overall look more appealing. Makeup trends keep evolving and with different products launched in the market by new brands there are innovative styles of makeup available out there today. If one looks at different decades in fashion one will see how different makeup was from one decade to the next. Even every fashion season, makeup trends keep evolving and the following are some of the top makeup trends of the season: Top Makeup Trends for the New Season •    Heavy eye makeup with nude lips is a major fashion this season. Trying dramatic makeup like the smoky eye look and then putting light makeup for the rest of the face is a great idea this spring. Another style similar to this is the dramatic cat eyes eye makeup look which is also experimented by some of the top models this fashion season. •    The spring is a time when one can also try the no makeup look. But a no makeup look also requires makeup. Using nude colors and keeping it simple is the style of this look. Minimalistic makeup trend has been adopted celebrities and top models for the season as the natural look is very trendy this season. •    With dramatic eye makeup one can really experiment new looks. Colors are very popular this spring. So adding dramatic eyeliner with colors like green, pink, teal, and blue, gray or using these same colors for a cool eyeshadow look is a great idea. •     Another look that became really popular especially on fashion runways this season is the dramatic Spanish influenced look. This can be achieved by using heavy mascara, dark eye brows and dark lipstick with darker shades of red. Rest entire face should look plain to pull this look. •    Natural makeup with vibrant lipsticks with colors like reds, oranges, pinks and shades of coral are very trendy this season. This type of look goes well with feminine dress. •    Though a natural look is in fashion this season, a healthy glow is also very trendy in spring 2015. The healthy look compliments this vibrant season very well and achieving this by using colors like pinks, oranges and natural skin colors in the makeup is a good idea in spring 2015.

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