Top Trendy Denim Clothing Items

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Denim reminds us of coolness, attitude and of fashion. Denim is probably the coolest fabric ever made and since women have started wearing denim, denim fashions have evolved through time. Denim is a very versatile fabric and can be used for clothing, accessories and even shoes. Denim is very much in fashion in 2o14 as Fashionista’s are wearing this fabric in various different ways. The following are some of the top denim fashions of 2014 in clothing: Top Trendy Clothing Denim Items: •    The first obvious clothing item in denim is jeans. All shades of blue are popular this year in blue denim jeans. Baggy jeans, ripped jeans and fitted jeans are all very cool in 2014. Lighter shades of denim are more popular than darker shades this season. •    Colored jeans were very popular last year and are still stylish this year. Colors like pink, coral and black are trendy in 2014. •    Light blue denim shorts are very trendy and can be worn when the weather permits it. Blue denim shorts with white lacey designs are great for a fun day outing like going to the beach or a brunch. •    Ankle length jeans with high heels look super chic and stylish. Pairing these jeans with a lovely pastel blouse or top and adding some statement jewelry makes a wonderful ensemble and great look. •    The classic look is to pair blue jeans with a white t-shirt. This is a retro look but somehow never seems to go out of fashion. This is one of the easiest ways to look stylish in casual wear. •    Denim, this year has been extensively used in making dresses. Short dresses made of denim in different shades of blue are extremely stylish this season. These can be paired with boots and nice handbag to make a stylish ensemble. Denim fitted short dresses look really pretty if you have the figure for it. Otherwise loosely fitted denim dresses are perfect. •    Another style in denim clothing that looks super chic is the loosely fitted denim shirts for women. These button down shirts look stylish and hot and are very much in vogue in 2014. •    Denim jackets are perfect for the fall season as the weather becomes chillier and one needs to look stylish and wear the right clothes for the season. Denim overalls look smart and perfect as casual wear. Denim will always be in fashion in women’s clothing and the above mentioned denim clothing items are trendy in 2014.

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