Top Trendy Types of Bags – 2015

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Handbags, purses, clutches, totes and different types of bags are an essential part of the overall look and outfit. They are very useful as one can carry many items in them depending on the size of the bag and also use it as an accessory to one’s clothing choice. Designs and styles of these types of bags keep going in and out of fashion. Many top designers have great collections of tote, clutches, and handbags. Different other types of bags and some classic styles also remain in fashion from top brands. The following are some of the trendy types of bags in 2015: Top Trendy Types of Bags of 2015 •    A top trend this spring is the Bucket Bag. Different fabrics like leather and cloth materials have been used this season to make colorful bucket bags. Colors popular in Bucket Bags include coral, blue, black, brown, red, orange and white. •    Square or rectangle purses are popular this season. They can be carried in the hand or these purses also have metallic thin chain so that these purses like mini bags can also be worn on the shoulder. •    Many types of hand-held bags are popular in 2015.  The popular type of hand held bags are purses, envelope style clutches, box style clutches, hand held leather bags and small bags with straps and even buckle type handles to hold on. •    Leather and swede are top fabrics for hand bags this season. Black leather bags with metallic buckles are back in fashion so are swede fabric purses and handbags. In swede colors like pastels and shades of brown, grey are in fashion where as in leather, colors like black, brown, red and orange are in fashion. •    As it is the spring/summer fashion season, floral prints cannot be out of fashion and like almost every year, in spring this year too, floral prints are in fashion. This year floral prints are also fashionable in purses and handbags. Vibrant color floral prints are popular this season with dark backgrounds in colors like black, brown and dark blue. This darker background color for floral print designs in handbags give the bags a cool and edgy yet spring time look. Handbags, clutches and purses are top accessories that are carried with outfits that meet a purpose of storing personal items as well as being a cool accessory for the entire ensemble. A plain outfit is made stylish if a chic handbag is carried with it and the above were some of the handbag trends of 2015.

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