Trailblazer: The significance of Red as a trendsetter.

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The colours we prefer to encompass ourselves with influence us more than we realize. As social beings, we relatecolours with a multitude of symbolic connotations and they have further significance beyond what we can see. We feel colours more than we see them.And it is not an understatement to say that red is one of the mostcomplex and iconic colours that we know of in the context of fashion. It has varioussignificance across numerous diversifiedcivilizations and is a colour that has been associated with saints and sinners, soldiers and harlots, emperors and traders.It was associated with the sun and hence worshipped. What comes to mind when you think of the colour Red? Is it Passion, Lust, Wealth or Power? Or maybe red makes you think of all of that things.How much importance does this shadehold within the fashion industry, and what are its future trends?

Love, Lust, Passion and Romance
Red is the most passionately fierce colour. It is most commonly associated with love in all its forms. It serves as an agent of empowerment and turns heads toward the wearer. It is ideal for wearing to a date since it is the colour of romance and passion. But since it is considered to be an extreme colour, it is held that it acts as a visual stimulantfor unhealthy eating, so caution is advised when wearing red.When it comes to decoration, red is generally utilized as an overtone. It is perfect for furniture as it attracts positive attention.
Confidence, Power and Energy
Red is a stunning colour. Different shades of vermillion and crimson have strongly inspired the fashion industry. Models donning red dresses fire up the ramps in Paris, Milan and New York, projecting confidence, strength and vitality.Red is heavily utilized in the creation of such legendary designers Dolce and Gabbana, Balmain, Versace and Tommy Hilfiger. A model wearing a reddress with golden borders and a complementing red scarf can own the ramp by herself, such is the power of this head-strong colour. On the way to the season’s most daring trends, hues of cherry, wine, mahogany and currant pack a punch of trendiness to one’s style statement.People can stand out in red and show strength, confidence, love, beauty and how open-minded they are.
Wealth, Nobility, Control
Throughout history, red has been represented as the colour of money, especially in the context of clothing. Only the wealthy wore it because the pigment had to be imported from across the world. As late as the 19th century, wearing red meant that you were a person of sound finances, regardless of the current fashion trends of the time. Since it was so intricately attached to the economy of the time, it naturally fell out of favour along with the ruling bourgeois class who were its main consumers. Its revival came towards the mid 1800’s when synthetic dyes became available and it once again became the trailblazer of the fashion world.

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