Travel Magazines

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Travel Magazines can be a source of information and inspiration for a person who loves to travel across the world. National Geographic Traveler is a travel magazine which is published by the National Geographic Society in United States. It was launched in 1984 and has 8 issues per year. This magazine features superb photography, lively stories related to travel and a wide range of travel advice which is very useful for the tourists. It is an award winning magazine which caters to everything you should know about planning a perfect holiday.Travel magzine Conde Nast Traveler is an American magazine published by Conde Nast in September 1987 in 12 issues yearly.  This magazine is considered the insider’s guide to the outside world. It also rates travel destinations and travel facilities like hotels and airlines. This magazine gives tips on best cities, new hotels, spas and top reader rated cruises. Every month they have contests for the readers where they have to guess the picture location according to the clues. Conde Nast magazine also maintains an online site and offers Apps for download on mobile devices. Travel + Leisure is a travel magazine based in New York City and is published 12 times a year. The magazine specializes in leisure travel and is known for its travel photography. It has all the information for a journey to fabulous places. In each issue of this magazine you will find information about best hotels and restaurants, useful tips for travelling and covers featuring models lounging in affluent environments. Islands magazine explores the world of islands. It was started by a group of writers from Australia in 1979 as a no profit body run by a broad of management. Islands magazine is devoted to covering dream destinations and adventure locales where lifestyle, food, art and history is included. It is a free quarterly magazine published 8 times a year. This exciting publication gives a chance for readers to get tips on how travel can be enjoyable and hassle free experience. Islands magazine is available in hotels, restaurants and coffee shops around the country. Backpacker magazine is an American publication which was started in 1973. This magazine is dedicated to helping readers enjoy everything which nature has to offer. Backpacker magazine is published in 9 issues per year and mainly features information on hiking and adventure. Every issue gives advice on the best gear, building strength and endurance and great hikes that are closer to home. These were some examples of the Top Travel Magazines.

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