Trends in Casual Wear in 2014

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Casual wear means clothes that your wear every day for meeting friends or just going out shopping or for any sort of informal event. This type of clothing is worn by almost every woman and it is the most worn type of clothing. Just because it is casual wear does not mean that one can forget about fashion and wear just anything. The trick is to look fashionable in casual wear. This means that you should look trendy with the clothes being over the top. Fashionable casual wear is about looking stylish without making it look that you are trying too hard to look fashionable. The following are some of the trends in casual wear that are very popular in 2014:Trends in Casual Trends in Casual Wear 2014 •    Nowadays horizontal stripes are seen everywhere. Celebrities and fashion forward women all over the world are wearing trendy horizontal stripes in their outfits. A horizontal stripes t-shirt or tank top is perfect for the summer. A lovely blouse with horizontal stripes goes very well with a fitted plain skirt. •    Horizontal stripes also look good in long skirts and shorts. Black and white is the most popular color in horizontal stripes but blues and reds with white backgrounds are also very popular in this fashion season. •    Floral dresses, short skirts and lovely floral blouses are very much in fashion in 2014. Yellow, orange, red, pink, green, blue and various other bright colors are perfect for multicolored floral fashions for the summer. •    Fitted jackets paired with a nice t-shirt and a great pair of shorts makes a great casual summer outfit perfect for brunches or a nice lunch with friends. •    Polka dots are also fashionable in the summer months. Polka dots pants, polka dots t-shirts or polka dot skirts and dresses are perfect for casual wear this summer. •    Short skirts are very much in vogue this summer. Fitted short skirts, high waist short skirts and bright colored short skirts are fashionable in 2014. •    Denim jackets, denim jeans, denim short skirts and denim shirts are very cool in the summer months. Denim is the best casual fabric and is used extensively in summer clothing. •    Casual clothes with appropriate accessories add an altogether smart look to your appearance. Casual wear need not be drab or boring. One can look totally casual yet very stylish in the summer of 2014. Style has to be comfortable clothing coupled with the latest fashion. One can try multiple fashion options as casual wear trends keep changing as the season changes.

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