Trends in Gold Jewelry

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Gold Jewelry is always stylish and popular all over the world. It has always been an exquisite adornment since centuries. In countries in South Asia especially, gold has been very popular for ages. Buying a piece of jewelry in gold is a matter of pride for women. The celebrities are said to be the trend setters for patterns in gold every year. Changes take place with the time and with the buying capacity of the customers. The word jewelry brings joy and enjoyment to every woman. Heirloom pieces and designs are especially popular and unique. Women love to wear ancestral family gold jewelry for special occasions. Every region has a special culture about the designs in gold jewelry. Some of the ancient pieces of jewelry have beautiful patterns which are liked by young women and also appreciated by all. Trends in Gold JewelryTrend in gold jewelry •    The latest trend in gold bangles this year is the gold and diamond bangles studded with gemstones and pearls which are available in various patterns in the market today. These trendy gold bangles are sure to dazzle everyone’s eyes. •    With the passage of time, the trends in gold Jewelry have also undergone a change. Some of the gold Jewelry is bright gold and some are subtle tone. Some designs look good in faded form while others have a matt finish polish. The glittering type of gold Jewelry are perfect for evening wear and the subdued ones are for day wear. •    Bridal Jewelry which is studded with uncut diamonds, rubies and other precious stones is made in gold. This jewelry is very popular today as it is worn in weddings. It matches with every type of bridal outfit in South Asian countries. •    Another latest trend in gold Jewelry is the fashion and the outfit you are going to wear along with it which is also called Costume Jewelry. These types are light in weight and easy to carry off. Bold and rich color gemstones are studded in gold for costume jewelry patterns. •    Gold wedding bands are particularly popular among couples. Generally the trend is to engrave the gold wedding bands with a special wedding message. •    Gold embellishments for bags, sunglass frames and hair accessories give a metallic look to the ensemble. •    Gold charm, bracelets, pendants and simple gold necklaces are also very popular with women today. Simple gold earrings in the form of studs with new designs are also popular.

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