Trends in Hair Colors

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Hair Color Hair Color is something women love to change often so that their hair looks trendy and super cool. Mostly women try hair colors that are natural colors that were seen on women all over the world but sometimes it is super trendy for some women to wear a hair color that is completely funky and weird. Every year and every season there are new trends in hair colors that fashionable women tend to follow to look very chic. The following are some of the trends this fashion season in hair colors: Trends in Hair Colors: • One of the hottest trends this season in hair color is ombre hair color. This means that the hair color is applied in such a way that it looks shaded. Mostly the trend is to have a darker color of hair on the crown of the head and the long hair keeps becoming lighter from a dark shade near the roots of the hair to blonde lighter shades of hair at the bottom portions of the hair. This is a great style and particularly looks good on women with darker hair color like brown and black. Basically in ombre hair the hair color fades from top to bottom and is particular great for women with medium to long hair. • Another popular trend is to have hair with a mix of colors. The bronde trend which is blonde + brown has become very popular this season.  In this style there is a perfect mix of blonde and brown to create a new color that is “bronde” and looks very fashionable this season. Many celebrities and fashion models have been spotted wearing this hair color look. • Another trend that is super popular this season in hair colors is the Balayage hairstyle. Balayage is a French hair coloring technique. This is a technique that avoids using foils for precise highlights and instead gives the hair either highlights or different shades of colors by just using sweeping motions with a paddle hair color brush. This gives a natural multicolored hair look as compared to highlights which are more precise. This is popular with women with lighter hair base like blondes but also can be done for women who are brunettes or red heads. Balayage hair color style can be used for a few strands of hair or a large portion of hair also. The above trends in hair color are very popular this fashion season.

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