Trends to try out this season

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Winter is fast approaching. In fact, it’s here already. Just as the seasons change and make a cyclical comeback so too in fashion. Things that were in vogue yesterday come back again. What better time than now to go with the flow and follow the change.Trends to Try

Trends to try out this season :

Denim on denim. Oh yes. This is a classic look and never seems to go out of fashion. It only changes shape and with a little bit of experimentation it cuts a new style each time. Try out this style be it a bluey cardigan or a full sleeved top. Make it a low shoulder top or a frilly shirt. Why even a denim jacket will do. Go for it.

Florals. Add that dash of the colours of spring in the drab winter and you will be cheering up everybody including yourself out of the winter depression. Some trends are so good that they stick around for more than one season. Give your wardrobe a fresh update this season with brassy, bold floral ensembles in gorgeous, larger-than-life prints and hues.Choose large, bright prints. How about a floral print jacket?

Team your florals with reflective sunglasses or clear sunglasses that will add just the right amount of cool in hot!

You’ve probably seen models sashay down runways in bold geometric prints but have never had the courage to try them. Adapt this trend to the cool weather. Wear geometric designs in bold hues on cardigans or throw in an understated, geometric patterned handbag to takeTry out this season 1 this trend home.Try this SeasonTry out this season

Double breasted coats. Flaunt them as well as keep yourself super cosy and warm in elegantly designed double breasted coats.

Ponchos in crocheted wool or other warm fabrics are another style that never seems to go out if fashion. Wear it with élan and look super hot this winter.

Figure hugging woolen dresses have never been out have they. In any case it’s the only way to show off your figure in the thick of winter instead of being double wrapped up in cardigans and jackets. So if you have a show-off figure this is just the thing for you.

Try a midi top over jeans. Expose a wee bit of calf and add ankle length boots and you have got it made.

Move over skinny jeans – flared pants are this season’s essential wardrobe staples. Pair them with super-wide-sleeved blouses for an overall chic vibe.

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