Trendy Floral Skirts: a runway steal

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 This spring, we are introduced to some fresh floral designs and unique cuts in skirts fit for the coming seasons. This is a comfortable change to all those girls who like to flaunt and look trendy. The floral print, single or twin coloured skirts are a rage on ramp, paired with some latest wedges in wood colours.  Its hip street culture fashion and addition of floral prints and sober colours have added a classic look to the spring 2013 Skirt market.  The designs and cuts seem to have come out straight from a canvas with perfect lengths and blending accessories.

 There is actually so much in your wardrobe already that goes well with the latest skirt vogue. The young girls can experiment with, floral jackets, leather or denim jackets, shrugs, matching leggings, long neck chains, big bags, wood wedges, and full sleeve blouses look very trendy with multi-coloured skirts, etc. Wear a nice braid, head band, strappy sandals, and even hats that have made a return last year.  The school girl look, street girl, vintage chic, the leather jacket girl, fancy floral farm girl, etc. this time many fresh changes have been displayed by designers.

Though it’s an easy option to follow what tickles the international fashion market but I am less focused on the inputs of the market but always more excited about the output that emerges “off-ramp”.

  The skirts are not a new section to experiment with but have changed and made its way this year because of the adequate layering, fine thread and prints.  But it is not a style quotient for everybody. This is a street and vintage genre and as per length suits various ages. Mid length is more wearable by the working woman and older ones. Short skirts with more colours and pattern is what I am writing about and this suits the young ladies and the slim bodies.  The elder women and heavy bodies must stay away from the  skirts section this season or rather any season, as it enhances your body in a flaunt way and is more of a young trend rather than a universal one.

Floral and sober colour trend is very fresh, comfortable, wearable and attractive for skirt wearers and thus a must for the young beautiful girls who feel comfortable in their skin and will not put up a decent show.   

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