Trendy Gym & Athletic Wear

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To look fashionable we have to be fit and have a great body shape. The only way to maintain flat stomach, a great waistline and a fantastic healthy body is to play a sport or workout at the gym along with eating healthy food. Just because you have to hit the gym or play a sport does not mean you wear boring sportswear. Stylish gym and athletic wear is really chic if worn in the right way. The following are some examples of how to choose great sportswear while working out: Stylish Gym & Athletic Wear •    Athletic wear worn while playing a sport depends on the sport that is being played. For example, while playing tennis wearing a full white Wimbledon type outfit with a flared short tennis skirt is a great idea. Neon colored tennis outfits have also becomes popular in recent times. •    For sports like badminton or basketball wearing a singlet with sports bra and cute shorts look good. They look amazing with sneakers and work well as sportswear. •    Make sure you have two or three really good sweatshirts to wear over your sportswear or gym clothes. Having a pullover sweatshirt with a hoodie, a one with a front zip and one fitted is a great idea. Do not just stick to colors like black and grey, but also invest in one sweatshirt in a pink or orange or any cute neon color. •    For gym wear, keep different options so that it does not feel like you are wearing the same type of gym clothes whenever you go to the gym. Cute shorts, fitted leggings (without the y fronts!!), singlet tops and sports bras are a must for gym wear. •    Make sure all the gym clothing items are the right fit and also make sure that there is a wide variety. Some of the perfect gym clothing colors include black, grey, and camouflage green which are classic colors. Besides nowadays neon candy colors like pink, orange and florescent yellow and green are great colors to wear while playing a sport or going to a gym. •    Do not wear old boring sneakers. Wear trendy latest style sneakers. Keep a pair of sneakers in a darker color like black or grey and keep another pair of sneakers ready in a vibrant color. Running shoes in darker colors look great while stylish colorful sneakers look good at the gym or while playing a sport. Stylish gym and athletic wear is ideal to look chic while keeping fit at the same time.

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