Trendy Hats and Fascinators

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To add something extra to the outfit and also protecting the heads against the wind, sun and even rain at times, hats are a great choice. Wearing hats is super fashionable and they make the whole outfit look trendy and smart. If you wear the right hat it makes all the difference to a look. Another amazing style and fashion is fascinators that women wear at weddings, social events and at the derby. Though some fascinator styles are outrageous, most other are stylish and elegant. The following are some trendy styles in hats and fascinators that are popular in 2015: Trendy Hats & Fascinators: Hats: •    Hats are adorably fashionable if worn right. The most popular type of hats today is the fedora hats. They look super stylish and they can be worn with casual wear and also with cool bohemian style outfits. They work well with jeans, jackets, dresses and also skirt-blouses. •    The classic fedora and the wide brimmed fedora both are popular in colors like red, brown, black and white. These works well with everyday wear and stylish dresses. •    A retro look that works well is the pork pie hat. This style was really popular a century back but has made a comeback as it looks really classic and cute with dresses, skirt-blouses and feminine choices in the outfit. •    The top hat looks awesome with a more fun outfit and works well with in a party. Black and white are ideal colors for a top hat and plain design works well but so does some basic patterns like stripes and polka dots. •    The stylish leather cap and the baseball hat both work well with funky and hip party looks. For a more relaxed outing like a picnic a straw hat is the perfect choice. Fascinators •    Fascinators look really stylish and elegant. The most common style in fascinators is the floral design. A lot of floral designs also include net and this trend is popular in different colors like pastels, red, orange, white and blue. •    Large hat style fascinators look totally in vogue in different designs and styles. Adding embellishments like gemstones is a great idea. Also many women also stick to just one color in the fascinators but if designed well, multi-colored fascinators also work really well. Hats and fascinators are bold choices in outfits. If worn at the right occasion and with style and elegance, they can look super fashionable. Hats go in and out of fashion so one must have the knowledge of the style of hats that are in fashion.

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