Trendy Jewelry Choices 2014

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Jewelry is something very much loved by women all over the world and it complements an outfit very well. Patterns, designs, stones, metals and styles of jewelry keep changing every year, with new and stylish pieces of jewelry becoming very fashionable as the trends keep constantly evolving. In 2014 as well there were some popular jewelry trends that looked fabulous with the clothing fashions of the year. The following are some of the trendy jewelry choices of 2014:Trendy Jewelry Jewelry Trends 2014 •    This year took a departure from traditional designs of jewelry to a large extent and focused on innovative, edgy and modern patterns that look good with everyday wear instead of just party or outfits. •    Bold statement jewelry in gold, platinum and silver that is easily visible is totally in fashion in 2014, particularly for jewelry designs of necklaces and bracelets. •    Chunky statement jewelry with large pieces is very popular in 2014. In statement jewelry; chains, beads and large stones are very much in vogue. Another style that compliments statement jewelry is the trendy ethnic and tribal jewelry styles. Tribal inspired patterns are particularly in fashion in 2014. •    Charm bracelets, pendants and rings with meaningful designs and symbols are totally in vogue in 2014. There are many examples of this type of fashion. •    Some of the popular pendant symbols include hello kitty, bows, moons, hearts, letter, bicycles, animals and leaves among other fashions are popular in 2014. •    Jewel encrusted watches by popular international brands are also popular with women as well as men. •    One of the trendy styles of jewelry that is classic, elegant and stylish is chandelier earrings. Wearing bold shimmery and stylish chandelier earrings is a great idea. Using multicolored stones and beads in jewelry designs in earrings became very popular in 2014. •    Thick chains and multicolored beads are all popular in 2014 for necklaces.  Wearing long pearl and metallic chains and necklaces in a 1920’s inspired look is a great idea for a party in 2014. •    Sometimes if the event is glamorous and trendy, wearing multiple long necklaces is fabulously fashionable in 2014. Similarly wearing more than one bracelet and covering a certain portion of your hand in bracelets is a totally cool idea in 2014. •    Even bangles were popular in 2014 during the summer. Bangles looked perfect with a more bohemian style of clothing during the summer months of 2014. The above are some of the jewelry fashions that became popular in 2014.

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