Trendy Manicures of the Season

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Bare nails, untidy nails or smudged nail paint on the nails is a complete fashion no-no for fashion forward women. Nails have to look beautiful and the manicure must match the outfit or else it can spoil the complete look. A Manicure is a cosmetic treatment that is performed on the hand nails in a salon. It includes removing of cuticles, cleaning the nail area and softening of nails. But primarily it includes painting the nails in accordance to the latest styles in nail paints. It also includes what suits best to the person taking the manicure. Every season different types of manicures keep coming in and out of fashion. This year also there are some manicures that are totally fashionable and opted by fashion conscious women all over the world. The following are examples of some trendy manicures:Trendy Manicures Trendy Manicures of the Season: •    The simplest form of manicure, the French manicure is still a favorite and a great choice for casual events. It includes white nail paint at the tips of the nail and an overall transparent coat of nail polish on the nails. It is a fabulous and elegant manicure that is a preferred choice for women of all ages all over the world. To make the French manicure trendy, adding nail art element to it is a great idea. •    Painting the nails completely with one color is still fashionable especially for formal events. Using two colors and creating a geometrical pattern or design is nail art that works fabulously these days. Sometimes even three colors are used in such nail art pattern designs. •    Glitter sparkle in gold, silver or darker shades according to the dress is a great manicure idea for night outs and evening parties. •    A cool trend at Independence Day or patriotic event or even at sporting events is to color the nails with the colors of the flag of the country. Using these colors makes you look like a great fan and patriotic at the same time. This is a great idea at a world cup party or any such event. •    Designs, prints and patterns that are popular in clothing are also very much in vogue when it comes to manicures this season. Tribal prints, leopard prints, ethnic inspired prints, glitter, horizontal stripes, geometrical designs, polka dots and floral prints are all very fashionable in manicures this season. Manicures are important as they give the overall outfit a great look. Without proper manicures the fashionable look is not at all complete.

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