Trendy Nail Art

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Nail art is the latest fashion trend that has been really popular with the women and the girls of different age groups. Just using the regular nail polish or getting a French manicure is not what many women want today for their nails. Nail art is a concept of beautification of nails by creating various designs on the nails. This new trend has been popular all over from runways to parties. Many Celebrities are also wearing different types of Nail Art to be fashionable or also to make a statement. The trend of having great nail art done on your nails is a global fashion today with ladies getting more stylish with their nails. Nowadays good quality beauty salons have creative nail art artists. There is actually no end to creativity when it comes to nail art. It can be really basic like applying some glitter shapes on your nails or get creative and artistic nail art done from gifted people. In a broader sense there are generally two types of nail art patterns. One option is to use nail polish color as a base and the other with nude nails or nude nail polish as a base. Some people also like to cover some part of the nail with color and leave the rest nude. The scope of nail art is really very broad and artists can really be as creative as they want in nail art. Another aspect to nail art is that it can be done in two ways. Either a nail art artist paints the nails according to the design you have chosen or an easier way is to buy nail art stickers which are easily available. Many girls wear nail art according to the theme of the event for the party they are attending. Feminine designs like flowers and hearts are very popular nail art designs. There are often multiple nail polish colors that are used to create a nail art design. Often women like to have long nails with these designs that are visible in a party. Nail art is one more way to look trendy and fashionable for ladies. If you are wearing a creative nail art design it is sure to get noticed and appreciated at any occasion. Nail art is very popular and also very creative. It has become a global trend and many people are getting artistic nail art done on their nails today.

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