Trendy Skirts in 2015

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Skirts are the coolest form of fashion garments if they are worn with style and elegance. Skirts can be paired with blouses, tops and jackets and look very much in vogue. Skirts are a classic fashion and there are different types of fashions that look stylish for a variety of occasions. Different types of skirts keep going in and out of fashion and in 2015 also there are some trends in skirts more popular than others. The following are some of the trendy skirt styles in 2015: Trendy Skirt – 2015 •    The paneled flared long below the knee length skirt from the 1950’s is very much popular in 2014.  This style of skirts has got an edgy 2015 makeover and with cool colors like pink, black, white, beige and red. The box plated skirt style is dramatic yet casual and looks really smart with a nice top or stylish blouse. Patterns and prints popular with this style are polka dots and floral prints. •    Another popular style is the high waist flared skirt. This looks good in dark colors and also light and vibrant colors of spring. Colors like teal, coral, pink, beige, black, white, gold, silver and grey are popular colors for this style of skirts. •    The full midi skirt is very trendy this year. For spring 2015, bold and large floral prints in multiple colors on black or white backgrounds are trending with the full midi skirt pattern. Besides these colorful ethnic prints also work well with these fashions. •    Another stylish trend of skirts in 2015 is the lace effect at the hemlines of the skirts. Stylish designs with lace cut patterns are popular as they look elegant and super chic at the same time. •    A popular fashion in 2015 is the crop top retro fashion. Crop tops can be worn with pants as well as skirts. Long full length midi skirts, as well as stylish pencil skirts look good with the crop top styles. Be sure to match the crop top color and pattern with the skirt as it gives an overall ensemble look. When it comes to crop tops with skirts, the skirts are generally of the high waist style. •    Long ankle length skirts are worn with crop tops or other types of tops to create a skirt blouse look that resembles a ball gown. This is an amazing style for trendy parties and semi-formal events. Skirts are an essential part of the wardrobe and the above mentioned trendy skirts are stylish in 2015.

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