Tribal Wear: A Fashion Trend

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This year fashion took an exotic turn with an explosion in tribal looks. The hottest style for patterns this year is undoubtedly the tribal theme. The tribal trend consists of strong, graphic prints, darker prints combined with warm, earthy tones in black, browns, deep reds and oranges. The prints are often oversized and strong, so they work best on simple clothes like dress, tunics or soft fabrics like cotton. One of the hottest trends this year is the tribal trend. Some trends are bolder than others, which means that people may feel like some trends are not for them. Before you completely write off a trend, look for small ways to bring it in your everyday style. Ethnic wear a fashion trend Tribal Trends Fashion Fashion trends have gone from bold colors to bolder prints. Tribal fashion includes African inspired textiles, bold prints and beaded accessories. Tribal print clothes and accessories are fun and trendy. Tribal looks took over the fashion world with vibrant prints, warm tones and rich accessories. When wearing a tribal print, your look is instantly trendy. These fashion forward pieces give you street-style flair with a cultured edge. Incorporating a few statement patterns will add a new dimension to your fashion wardrobe. Don’t over think it by focusing on more than one piece at a time. About the Trend Key characteristics of tribal prints include bold geometrical shapes, daring color combos and a mix of patterns and lines. The colors can range from bright neon to dusty earth tones, depending on your personal taste. This trend also looks great when paired with denim. Wearing natural accessories, like leather, beads and feathers, will build on the bohemian traveler look. This look calls for simple sandals by day and boots or statement platforms by night. From skirts and dresses to leggings and shoes, this is one style that continues to grow. Some women are even sporting tribal and geometrical prints as chic nail art that looks amazing. Some fashionistas will be able to pull off outrageous looks and still look stunning but if classic is more your taste, opt for something timeless like a black and white skirt. Wearing a tribal print signifies that you’re in vogue and demonstrates that you have fun with fashion. A geometric print clutch can be used if wearing the clothing seems like too much for you at first. A little can go a long way with this trend, so have fun with it.

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