Types of Bags & Purses Trendy in 2014

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Women normally have to carry a million things with them when they go out. Normally they carry a purse or a bag with them that allows them to carry all the items they need when they are out. Purses and bags are part of the ensemble today and stylish purses or bags definitely catch the eye. Every year designers showcase to styles in bags and purses which then are definitely popular with fashionable women all over the world. In 2014 also there are some chic and cool bag and purse trends which add a certain something to the overall look. The following are some of the trends in 2014: Bag & Purse Trends: 2014 •    Colorful bags are very popular this year. In the Fall, when clothes are generally of a darker color palate, a bright color stylish purse or bag looks awesome. This brightens and enhances the entire look. Make sure that the color of the bag or the purse you choose matches the outfit perfectly. •    A major trend in bags this season is the backpack. Cute backpacks are totally in fashion this season. This trend is popular in colorful designs as well as in the classic black backpack style. Leather is a great fabric for a backpack and plaid backpacks are super stylish and cute. •    Metallic patterns, embellishments and chains are popular in bags and purses this year. Colors like metallic black, silver, blue and gold are hot in 2014. •    Stylish clutches are very much fashionable this season. Plain, multicolored, with patterns, made of swede, leather, polka dots or floral designs; clutches in various forms for parties are popular this season.Trendy Hand Bags •    Bags with jokes or funny prints are very trendy in 2014. Also bags with cool statements and words on them are in vogue this year. •    Floral prints, leopard’s prints, animal inspired designs and plain multi-colored prints are very cool this year. •    The tote bag, the clutch, the satchel, the classic handbag and the hobo bag is popular this year. Colors that are super stylish in Fall 2014 are beige, brown, bright colors, black and darker shades of the spring/summer fashion colors. •    Leather is the most popular choice however swede, velvet and silk are also trendy as fabric for bags. • Bags and purses are an essential part of the ensemble. Carrying the wrong type of bag or purse or a type that is out of fashion will make the entire outfit look outdated so carry a purse or bag that goes with times.

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