Types of Coats Popular in the Fall

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Summer ends and the weather changes quite dramatically in the Fall. Gentle breeze and cooler temperatures mean that women have to start wearing coats and jackets to protect themselves from the cold climate. The coats have now become a part of the overall outfits and they have to be contemporary, chic and also stylish. It is important that a coat does not look like a tent and is properly fitted or it will look shabby and out of fashion. Every year coat fashions change depending on the fashion trends of the season. A coat or a jacket has to match the rest of the outfit, give comfort against harsh climates and look super chic. The following are some types of coats that are popular in Fall 2014:Trendy Coats & Jackets Trendy Coats & Jackets: Fall 2014 •    The traditional colors in coats like beige, brown, black, white and grey are very much in fashion this Fall. Women are seen wearing coats of various shades of the above mentioned colors. •    Generally a coat with just one color looks extremely good. Also this Fall, women are wearing bright colors as well. So coats in dark shades of blue, red and bright pink are also popular. Sometimes using two colors in a coat also works if the colors are designed in a classy fashion. •    Structured coats look good on women who have a good shape and figure. A swing style coat with a cinched belt looks feminine and goes really well with dresses. •    The horizontal stripes fashion is very trendy in 2014. Black and white horizontal stripes are so popular that many women are seen wearing coats with this fashion. Sometimes mixing another color with black and white stripes like blue or red looks awesome. If the outfit is a plain one, wearing this type of coat will make the whole outfit look stunning. •    Leopard prints in various colors are really trendy this season. The classic leopard print colors are popular in coats as well. Leopard print coats are more popular for casual outings rather than for going to a formal event or to the office. •    Wearing stylish buttons on coats is a great idea. Button down coats with stylish belts are very classically elegant and stylish this fashion season. Also leather jackets and leather coats look super cool yet super chic. Colors like brown and black are perfect for leather jackets and coats, though purples and reds also give a really smart look in leather coats.

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