Types of Fashionable Engagement Rings

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Getting a marriage proposal from the man you love is an epic moment in a woman’s life. The happiness becomes a lot more romantic when there is a great engagement ring to accompany the engagement. Engagement ring fashions keep evolving over time and in 2015 there are different options to choose from. The type of diamond, the size of diamond and the style of the ring have a variety of options and every woman’s ideal engagement ring is different. The following are some of the types of engagement rings that are popular in 2015: Types of Fashionable Engagement Rings •    The band of the engagement ring can be of different metals. Gold, silver, white gold and platinum are some of the popular options though a silver color finish is more popular than the gold color band. •    Most often than not, engagement rings have diamonds on them. There are various engagement ring diamond cuts that are trendy in 2015. Some of the diamond cuts include round brilliant, princess cut, cushion, radiant, asscher, emerald, oval, pear, heart and marquise. Sometimes three diamond engagement rings are also very beautiful. •    Colored diamonds are also used and became very popular in the last few years. Pink diamonds, blue diamonds, champagne colored diamonds and even the rare red and green diamonds have been seen over the last few years in engagement rings. •    Another popular trend is to have a large emerald or ruby or even a sapphire in the middle and then surrounding it with tiny diamonds. This is popular trend as the engagement ring looks vibrant and also looks prominent on the finger. •    Stylish engagement ring band are in vogue in 2015. The great trend is having small diamonds lined on the outer band of the engagement ring.  This makes the ring shine and adds extra diamonds to the ring. These types of engagement rings are beautifully designed and look truly fabulous. •    Engagement rings are spectacular symbols of love and commitment. One of the latest trends to showcase the love in engagement rings is to etch a message of love in the inner side of the band of the engagement ring. It is going that extra mile to make your future spouse feel truly loved. Engagement rings have been a part of the wedding process for centuries. Engagement rings have evolved over time and the above mentioned trends are popular in 2015. Engagement ring is one of the most important pieces of jewelry and so having a stylish design and a fabulous engagement ring is a great idea.

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