Types of Glamorous Hair Bangs

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One of the most glamorous styles of hair is to have a fringe or bangs that fall on the forehead. There are many variations in this style of hair and can be worn at different occasions. This is a super chic hairstyle that is used by celebrities, fashionable women and trendy stars all over the world. How good the bangs or the fringe looks depends on the quality of hair, the shape of the face as well as the color of the hairstyle. The following are glamourous hairstyles with bangs and fringes: Types of Glamorous Hair Bangs Side-Swept Bangs As the name suggests these are hairstyle bangs that are swept towards either the left or the right side of the face on the forehead. These work with casual looks as well as formal looks. Side-swept bangs look great with long hair, pixie haircut, a long bob and even with hair pulled back in a do. These are very common and look super chic when matched with a great hair color and work well with both long and short hair. Fringe Bangs The fringe style of hairstyle is similar to bangs. In the fringe look few hairs in the front are cut so that they fall on the forehead. The fringe is not as thick as a regular bangs hairstyle as all the hair in the front of the head are not used to create this hairstyle. Blunt Bangs Blunt bangs that fall on the forehead work well with straight hair. They look super chic if they are maintained properly. As they work with straight hair they need to be kept straight with a help of a flat iron and do not look good if they are frizzed up. Blunt bangs cover the forehead and need to be kept quite long. Other Styles: •    Brow skimming bangs that end after the brows are very popular as they look chic and stylish. These can be worn with straight long hair or even a pony tail. •    Another hip and trendy style is the funky bangs. In this style bangs are cut in an unconventional way with varying lengths and styles. They look chic only if they are styled properly. Glamorous bangs look super stylish only if they are cut and styled in the right way. Many times hairstylists tend to make them too short and completely destroy the look. So be careful while getting this hairstyle make sure your hairstylist knows exactly what you want.

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