Types of Trendy Footwear this Summer

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One of the most important fashion details in your ensemble is the kind of footwear that your wear. Shoes can make an outfit look great or it can lead you to the fashion police. Wearing the right kind shoes this summer is essential to remain with the fashions of summer 2013. The following is a brief idea about the trendy footwear that is very much in fashion this summer. Types of Trendy Footwear this Summer Vibrant colors and neon colors are very much in fashion this summer. So expect to see a lot of brightly colored shoes, sandals, heels or flats this summer. Leather, fabric and prints on shoes are also popular in this season. Color Blocking is definitely back this season and different bright colors are being used in shoes. Let us now see different types of shoes that are in fashion. Shoe with a metallic or pearl finish is very much in fashion and this look makes the shoes more visible in the overall ensemble. Heels: Strappy Heels are in fashion this summer as they look attractive and ideal for the summer weather. They go perfectly well with a summer dress or a short skirt and top ensemble. Various shades of red and brown are in fashion in heels and ethnic design prints on the heels are very much in fashion this summer. Women are wearing wedges, stilettos and strappy buckle heels this summer. Also bright colors are in fashion this season. Even party wear pumps this season are worn in bright neon colors. Peep toes and pointed toes are trendy in this season and shiny gold look also popular in heels this summer. Flats In flats, Sandals particularly are in fashion. Multi colored flat sandals are perfect for a casual look and even for the beach. Retro ethnic designs in flats are very popular this season and flats with buckles and bead work are in fashion. Bright colors, pastels and again shades of red and brown are very popular in the summer fashion of 2013. Ballerinas work perfectly with the casual look of the season as they are both casual and comfortable to wear. Again colorful, neon and bright ballerinas are very popular this fashion season. These fashions mentioned above are very popular this season and the women wearing these types of shoes will look trendy and chic this summer of 2013.

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