Types of Trousers in Vogue in 2015

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Trousers or pants are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe and one of the most comfortable types of garments that a woman can wear. They are however not just about comfort, it is also about fashion. Different types of trousers like pants, jeans and formal trousers can be super stylish if worn in the right way. Every fashion season or every year trends in trousers keep changing as styles evolve and retro styles come back into fashion. The following are some of the types of trousers in vogue in 2015: Types of Trousers in Vogue – 2015 •    The ankle length slim fit jeans and pants are totally in fashion in 2015. They are versatile and look great with tops, blouses and jackets. They also go really well with different types of high heels as well as flats. They can be worn in plain colors without prints or even with multicolored prints. These look great in pin-stripes print and also accessorized with a nice belt. •    The breaking news in fashion at the moment is that flared pants or bell-bottoms are expected to make a major comeback in 2015. Celebrities have already picked up on this fashion and it is likely to be trendy in 2015. Flared pants were very much in fashion in the 1970’s and then made a comeback once again in early 2000’s. Bell- bottoms are flared pants that are made of trouser fabrics as well as jeans. Jeans flared pants particularly became very trendy the last time this trend was in fashion. •    Another retro fashion that is very popular is the palazzo pants. These are retro style high wait loose pants that can be worn for day events as well as evening parties. These look good in spring fashion with light pastel colors like pink, beige, light blue and also with vibrant colors like red, coral, and yellow and orange. Palazzo pants also look good in colors like white as it works well for day events in the spring. •    High waist pants are more in fashion than low waist pants at the moment. Loose fitting cargo pants and capris are also back in fashions this season. When it comes to colors the classic black, white and blue never go out of fashion, but wearing vibrant colors as well as pastels are very much in fashion in 2015. Pants are a super cool yet comfortable clothing garment and for most of us it is an everyday wear that can be really stylish.

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