Useful Tips for Hair Color

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When it comes to hair coloring nothing is as simple as black and white. Coloring your hair is one of the easiest ways to change and update your hair style and will also make your hair look healthy and shiny. When you think of coloring your hair, you can either do it yourself at home or get it done professionally by visiting a Salon. Hair color There are certain questions you need to know before you get your hair colored like how long will it take, how much will it cost, what are the precautions you need to take, what is the maintenance and the most important how will you look after the hair is colored. It is advisable to have a hot oil treatment a day before you are planning to have your hair colored as this will ensure that your hair roots and ends will be nourished and give you a more even result. Types of Hair Colors There are a variety of hair colors available and you have to choose the best dye for your hair depending on the condition of your hair and the result of the color you wish to achieve. A natural or vegetable hair color will coat the hair with new color and will not alter the structure of your hair or change the original color. Natural rinses are great for conditioning and enhancing your natural hair color and for adding sheen. Temporary type of hair colors will usually wash out after one shampoo so they come in small packs. There is a variety of semi permanent type of hair color that has no peroxide and so it cannot lighten your hair. This hair color last upto 8 washes and is useful for covering grey hair. Another type of demi-permanent hair color is used for hair coloring which adds enriched color and sheen because it has less of peroxide it will have less impact on strands of your hair. Lastly the permanent type of hair color that will remain on your hair till your hair grows out. Precautions There are a number of basic tips to maintain your hair after coloring. Do not wash your hair for atleast 48 hours after coloring. Washing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for colored hair will hold onto the color successfully.  Regular hair treatments like hair mask once a week and hot oil treatment once a month will prevent the color from fading. Avoid drying with heated tools as the color will fade faster. Regular trimming will help to make your hair color stand out.

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