Variations of the Little Black Dress

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The short black dress called the little black dress or LBD was first introduced by Coco Chanel and Jean Patou in the 1920’s and since then this style has been a classic in the fashion world. This is a great choice for day as well as evening events and also can be stylized to be worn at a casual event or a formal event. The little black dress is very versatile and can be worn in different styles and patterns. The little black dress has evolved through the decades and in 2014 there are some major styles and fashions popular with the little black dress. The LBD is a must have in every Fashionista’s closet. The following are some of the variations of the LBD popular in 2014. Types of LBDs Popular in 2014 •    A little black dress can have a fitted skirt or a flared one depending on the style of the dress. A little black dress generally also varies in length. It can be a knee length dress or one which ends several inches above the knee. The dress is an LBD if black is the predominant color in the dress. •    There are many variations popular for the style of the little black dress. The empire waistline short little black dress with a flared skirt is a great idea but so is the A-line shape dress which is a classic. •    The shift dress from the 60’s has been majorly in fashion in 2014. It looks super chic and very elegant and is a perfect LBD. •    Another major fashion in 2014 is lace. Using lace in the little black dress style is a great idea. Black see-though lace for long sleeves and collar bone area are perfect. •    A wide strap halter dress, a Peplum style little black dress, a one shoulder fitted LBD and a corset style fitted LBD all are fabulous choices for the little black dress. •    If retro is the theme, the 1920’s style flapper little black dress looks stunning with the right accessories. The little black dress is just the part of an ensemble. Wearing the right accessories with the dress is equally important. Generally LBDs are worn with very stylish pair of high heels. If it is a casual event and if the woman wearing the dress is tall then sometimes flats are acceptable. This is a classic style of clothing and most women have variations of the LBD in their closet. It is a great choice for different types of occasions.

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