Vintage Fashions Popular in 2014

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There are many fashions that are making a comeback in 2014 from the previous decades. Vintage fashions are re-inventing themselves in 2014 to look with the times and yet have an old world charm to them that is simply stylish. The following are some examples of vintage fashions that are popular in 2014: Vintage Fashions Popular 2014 • The Crop Top that shows off the midriff area has made a comeback in 2014. This was a look that was very popular in the 1980’s. This is versatile fashion that can be worn as casual wear and also to semi-formal events. • Floral Prints are very vintage style and have been popular since the 1950’s. This trend that matches the spring/summer season so perfectly is very much in fashion this season. Pastels and floral designs are the perfect combination of the season. • Another vintage fashion popular in 2014 is polka dots. Polka dots have got a chic makeover in 2014 and are a super hot trend of the season. • Another popular mini-trend is the Peter Pan collar which has been seen on blouses, dresses and tops. Its looks super cute and also very trendy. • Lace has made a major comeback in the last few months. It is a feminine and beautiful fashion trend that is popular in formal dresses, wedding dresses, casual tops and also in beautiful dresses that give a full lace effect. • Metallic colors were very popular in the 1980’s which are now again back in fashion in 2014 in a more stylish look. They look dressy and give an old world stylish feel to the outfit as Bling was also very popular way back in the 1920’s. • Bright neon colors, mixing and matching outfits with different fabrics and colors are all retro styles which are popular in 2014. • Bohemian styles from the 197o’s are also adding to the wonderful styles of 2014. Long flowing peasant style bohemian sun dresses, skirts, trendy bohemian swimwear and ethnic tops and t-shirts are very popular in 2014. There are many vintage styles in fashion this season which shows that this year fashion is not afraid to experiment and different people are wearing different clothes that are all finding expectance as the style of 2014. It is a wonderful year for fashion so far which has been bold and also super chic and stylish at the same time. Looking forward to more such vintage fashion trends this year.

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