Ways to Have a Fashionable Start to the Year

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2015 is here and this means it’s a new year to look super chic and fashionable. Fashion is a highly evolving concept and to be fashionable all the time, you must follow the latest trends in a way that suits you. New Year means a new start in the world of fashion. Wearing outdated clothes of the previous season or year will not be advisable though there are some trends that have carried forward from last year into the New Year. The following are some of the ways to have a fashionable start to the New Year in 2015: Ways to Have a Fashionable Start to the Year •    It is still winter when the year starts. The start of the year is fashionable with some trendy winter wear. This fashion season there have been some distinct winter wear fashions that are popular at the start of the year as well. •    Fitted pants, leather pants and fitted jeans in blue, brown and black are very much in fashion. Various types of boots like ankle length, calf length and knee length boots are all popular in the above mentioned colors as well. Another major boots fashion is above the knee boots that can be worn with a short dress or short skirt that is super stylish and hip. •    Black, white, brown and blue are the hip colors of the start of the New Year. However one of the most stylish and trendy colors of the New Year is grey. Various shades of grey and silvery glitter are very popular this season. As it is currently awards season in Hollywood, grey and silver are top color choices for formal beautiful gowns on the runway this awards season. •    Wearing multiple layers in a stylish and non-bulky way is the style of the start of this year as it is still winter. •    Winter fashions will slowly evolve into this year’s spring fashions which are completely different from winter fashions and colors. •    Very chic makeup is in fashion right now that looks minimalistic and yet makes every feature of a woman’s face look stunning.  Darker colors in makeup are popular at the start of the year but as the season changes that is likely to change also. Following fashion is not a difficult job and can be a lot of fun. As fashion evolves it also becomes very interesting and the above mentioned choices are great to have a fashionable start to the New Year.

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